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Healthy People 2010 - With Annotations

Clinical Preventive Care

1-11. (Developmental) Increase the proportion of persons who have access to rapidly responding prehospital emergency medical services.

Potential data source:
Annual Survey of EMS Operations, International Association of Fire Fighters.

The outcome of many medical emergencies depends on the prompt availability of appropriately trained and properly equipped prehospital emergency medical care providers. In urban areas, this capability is defined by an interval of less than 5 minutes from the time an emergency call is placed to arrival on the scene for at least 90 percent of first-responder emergency medical services and less than 8 minutes for at least 90 percent of transporting EMS. In rural areas, this capability is defined as an interval of less than 10 minutes from the time an emergency call is placed to arrival on the scene for at least 80 percent of EMS responses.

Assuring a prompt response requires a well-coordinated system of care involving a variety of organizations and agencies, some of which are outside the traditional health care arena. The components include public awareness of how and whom to call for emergency assistance and public education concerning initial lifesaving emergency care procedures to be followed until the arrival of EMS providers. They also include access via a 911 or enhanced 911 system or, in rural areas, a uniform addressing system that allows emergency responders to locate quickly the person requesting emergency assistance; the availability of well-trained and appropriately certified response personnel, who are frequently from law enforcement or fire services; transportation (ground, air, or water ambulance); medical direction and oversight; and destination hospitals that are well-equipped and appropriately staffed.

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