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Healthy People 2010 -
with Annotations

7-2. Increase the proportion of middle, junior high, and senior high schools that provide comprehensive school health education to prevent health problems in the following areas: unintentional injury; violence; suicide; tobacco use and addiction; alcohol or other drug use; unintended pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and STD infection; unhealthy dietary patterns; inadequate physical activity; and environmental health.

Schools Providing
Comprehensive School Health
Education in Priority Areas
1994 Baseline
2010 Target
Summary objective
(all components)
28 70
Specific objectives
(components to prevent
health problems
in the following areas):
Unintentional injury
66 90
58 80
58 80

Target setting method: 150 percent improvement.

Data source: School Health Policies and Programs Study (SHPPS), CDC, NCCDPHP.

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