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Healthy People 2010 - with Annotations

Chapter 8

Injury and Violence Prevention
Lead Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

8-25. (Developmental) Reduce exposure of the population to pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals, as measured by blood and urine concentrations of the substances or their metabolites.

Objective: Exposure Item --

Heavy metals

8-25a. Arsenic

8-25b. Cadmium

8-25c. Lead

8-25d. Manganese

8-25e. Mercury


8-25f. 2, 4-D, o-phenylphenol

8-25g. Permethrins

8-25h. Diazinon

Persistent chemicals

8-25i. Polychlorinated biphenyls

8-25j. Dioxins

8-25k. Furans

Organochlorine compounds

8-25l. Chlordane

8-25m. Dieldrin

8-25n. DDT

8-25o. Lindane

Potential data source: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), CDC, NCHS.

Heavy metals, PCBs, dioxins, furans, and organochlorines are in use or have been used in the past. These compounds are known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, or other diseases in people.

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Last modified: 10-Mar-2000.